Hello and a most warm welcome to “rambling by nature”, a little corner of the internet where I can keep most of my field notes and nature photographs in a safe location online, as well as also providing a medium to share my observations with other like-minded people whom, like me, love the natural world and the natural history of the British Isles. I have lived in the countryside of Yorkshire for more than 30 years, seven of these in beautiful Nidderdale on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, and another twenty plus years near the East Yorkshire county town of Beverley, though having had the privilege to live and travel all around this wonderful island nation of ours I have a great affection for many other corners of rural Britain as well, especially the dramatic and rugged landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, the green and lush mountains of northern Wales, and the birding meccas of Norfolk and the Northern Isles.

I first started to keep an online blog in December 2010, a great time to have started as the month proved to be one of the most memorable winter months in living memory, the East Yorkshire countryside becoming firmly held in winters grasp with temperatures dipping below -10 C and a foot of snow covering the woods and fields surrounding our current home near Beverley. However I have kept irregular nature diaries since childhood, and since 2006 have managed to keep an almost continuous day-to-day record of the weather and the natural occurrences which I observe around our home or during country rambles further afield. Whilst admittedly these may be of little interest or consequence to anyone beyond myself, they are nevertheless among my most prized possessions.

Through my first blog, which was titled ‘The Wold Ranger’, I had the great fortune of sharing my nature notes with other bloggers and individuals, many of whom subsequently became firm friends, and whom to this day I still keep in regular contact with. Indeed the ‘Wold Ranger’ certainly opened up several opportunities for me, and during the four years of its existence I was humbled by requests to appear on local radio, be the subject of interviews and even asked to do public speaking for a few local natural history groups. However since my inherent nature is most certainly not to seek attention, I decided to close the Wold Ranger and took a break from blogging, a then renewed interest in industrial heritage and the acquisition of a second home in the North York Moors National Park providing me with the perfect excuse to concentrate on other things for a while. However in 2016 I decided to create a new blog and website, the name of which changed a number of times before I finally settled for the ‘rambling by nature’ moniker by which it is now known. Whether you find this site of any interest is debatable but since I am most grateful for any readers may I take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to visit, and please come back and visit again soon.