2016 Weather

A milder than average year, the mean temperature coming in at 10.1 C (0.4 C above the 1981-2010 average), though the first half of the spring was rather chilly, February, March and April all concluding below their respective long term averages. However thereafter the remainder of the year was largely on the warm &/or mild side, the second half of the summer proving particularly warm (July through to September), indeed September concluded some 2.1 C above normal with temperatures climbing as high as 28.4 C, a new record for the ninth month of the year. Becoming cooler in October and November, the eleventh month of the year being particularly chilly at times with some early season snow on high ground, but December would prove to be mild and settled, the Christmas period being particularly mild. Indeed the high of 13.8 C on Christmas Day made it the warmest ever Christmas since records began at our weather station.

Rainfall wise the year concluded slightly above the 1981-2010 average, the total annual rainfall of 664.9 mm coming to around 102% of the long term mean. Only January, March and November stand out for being particularly wet, though as in 2015 no month recorded more than 100 mm, the last such month coming back in August 2014. I wonder how much longer this streak will continue. Snow meanwhile was almost completely absent during the year, just one day of lying snow recorded during the whole of 2016 (and that was just a dusting in mid-February), whilst thunder was a scarce phenomena once again (just six days), the summer being particularly notable for a lack of thundery weather (at least locally).

New records set this year

  • The highest ever minimum recorded, 18.8 C (07.09.16)
  • The dullest ever calendar month, 37.3 hours (January 2016)
  • The wettest March on record, 98.2 mm
  • Coldest ever April on record, 7.1 C
  • The lowest ever April minimum, -2.0 C (28.04.16)
  • The lowest ever June (& summer) maximum, 11.4 C (02.06.16)
  • The highest ever July minimum, 17.8 C (20.07.16)
  • The highest ever September maximum, 28.4 C (13.09.16)
  • The wettest November day, 33.1 mm (21.11.16)
  • The calmest ever December, 1.6 knots
JANUARY  4.6 C  77.0 mm  37.3 hrs
FEBRUARY  4.2 C  54.1 mm  100.2 hrs
MARCH  5.7 C  98.2 mm  89.3 hrs
APRIL  7.1 C  53.2 mm  157.1 hrs
MAY  11.7 C  33.7 mm  169.1 hrs
JUNE  14.7 C  63.6 mm  145.4 hrs
JULY  17.4 C  37.5 mm  200.7 hrs
AUGUST  17.4 C  48.6 mm  205.7 hrs
SEPTEMBER  16.1 C  36.0 mm  144.0 hrs
OCTOBER  10.9 C  51.3 mm  101.4 hrs
NOVEMBER  5.6 C  81.8 mm  85.9 hrs
DECEMBER  5.9 C  29.9 mm  68.1 hrs