February 2017 Weather

A very mild and unsettled February this year with little in the way of wintry weather, bringing to an end what has been another remarkably mild and almost snow-free winter. In the end the average temperature for the month concluded some 1.6 C above the 1981-2010 average for central East Yorkshire (Leconfield), making this the warmest February at Woldgarth since 2011, and the fourth mildest since recording began back in 2003. Given the mildness of the month it is perhaps unsurprising that frost was infrequent, just four nights dipping below freezing, with a modest monthly minimum of just -2.6 C (27.3 F). In contrast the temperature rose into double figures on no less than 12 days, reaching a very spring-like 14.3 C (57.7 F) on the 20th.

Rainfall was frequent throughout the 28 days of the month, recorded on no less than 21 days, with a total of 70.8 mm (2.78 inches) being recorded via the Met Office standard 5 inch copper rain gauge by month’s end. On average February is typically the driest calendar month of the year but not this year, the total rainfall this year coming to around 159% of the long term average. As regards wintry precipitation some sleet and wet snow was recorded on the 9th and 10th, the wet snow on the morning of the 10th producing a short-lived and slushy dusting for a time, whilst hail also made an appearance this month, the heavy showers on the 27th producing this most spring-like of weather phenomena. I wonder if we will get any decent thunderstorms this year?

February was also windier than recent months, indeed the last few months have been remarkably quiet in this regard, the strongest winds coming between the 20th and 23rd, including what was dubbed “Storm Doris” on the 23rd. Whilst this storm did bring widespread damage and disruption to some parts of the British Isles, it left the East Riding pretty much unscathed, a maximum gust of 42 knots (48 mph) being the worse the storm could throw at us.

Finally sunshine totals were disappointing, which given the abundance of rain and unsettled weather, was hardly surprising. In the end barely 65 hours of bright sunshine were recorded via the sensor, less than 80% of what would usually be expected in a typical February, a particularly dull spell between the 5th and the 12th seeing just 2.5 hours recorded during the highlighted eight day period (an average of just 0.3 hours a day). Hopefully March will bring some improvement as regards spring sunshine!

HIGHEST MAXIMUM : 14.3 C, 20th
LOWEST MINIMUM : -2.6 C, 6th

TOTAL RAINFALL : 70.8 mm (159%)
MAXIMUM TOTAL : 8.5 mm, 6th
DAYS =>0.2 mm : 21
DAYS =>1.0 mm : 15
DAYS =>10.0 mm : 0

TOTAL SUNSHINE : 65.9 hours (79%)
AVERAGE PER DAY : 2.35 hours

MAXIMUM GUST : 42 knots, 20th, 21st & 23rd
DAYS =>34 knots : 4

N 0, NE 2, E 5, SE 3, S 8, SW 2, W 8, NW 0

MAXIMUM PRESSURE : 1031.6 hPa, 8th
LOWEST PRESSURE : 975.3 hPa, 23rd


February 2017 Logbook (click to enlarge)

1st February 2017, Wednesday
4.5 C to 10.3 C / 2.1 mm / 0.2 hours / S 3
A wet start to what is usually the driest month of the year, with outbreaks of rain throughout the morning and into the first part of the afternoon. However by mid-afternoon things would quickly improve, indeed a few breaks in the cloud would even permit some short spells of sunshine. Clear spells in the evening, but further cloud and rain would arrive overnight, this accompanied by a freshening breeze and rising temperatures.

2nd February 2017, Thursday
7.5 C to 11.6 C / trace / 0.2 hours / S 4-5
A cloudy and mild start to the day (above 10 C by 9 am) with some early rain and showers, but by mid-morning things would begin to brighten up with short-lived spells of sunshine for a time. However the afternoon would see mostly cloudy skies with a moderate to fresh southerly breeze, with conditions remaining cloudy and breezy throughout the evening and night. Another mild night for the time of year.

3rd February 2017, Friday
6.0 C to 10.0 C / 3.0 mm / 6.1 hours / SE 4-5
A bright and breezy day with plenty of February sunshine throughout, and with temperatures again up into double figures it felt rather mild and indeed even spring-like, at least out of the wind. Clear at first in the evening, this allowing a touch of frost for a time, but cloud would increase overnight with a short period of heavy rain after midnight (12.0 mm/h). However the rain would soon clear with skies again becoming clear by dawn.

4th February 2017, Saturday
1.4 C to 7.2 C / 0.6 mm / 7.8 hours / S 2-3
Another sunny and clement early Feburary day with an abundance of sunshine throughout, though it was somewhat cooler than yesterday. Remaining clear in the evening and at first overnight, this allowing temperatures to dip below freezing, but mist and fog would form later with outbreaks of rain arriving shortly prior to dawn.

5th February 2017, Sunday
-1.5 C to 5.5 C / trace / 0.0 hours / W 1-2
A dull, murky and damp morning with low cloud over the Wolds and outbreaks of mostly light rain, and whilst things would slowly improve as the morning wore on, it would remain cloudy and grey for the rest of the day (in stark contrast to the sunshine we enjoyed at the coast today). Remaining cloudy throughout the evening and much of the night but skies would clear latterly, this allowing mist to form and temperatures to quickly fall, a decent hoar frost covering the ground by dawn.

6th February 2017, Monday
-2.6 C to 6.7 C / 8.5 mm / 2.3 hours / SE 3
A cold, misty and frosty morning with weak sunshine shining through the thin cloud, though as the day wore on this thin cloud would gradually thicken with skies becoming cloudy and grey by mid-afternoon. Cloudy but dry in the evening but overnight rain would arrive from the south-east, becoming persistent for a time.

7th, February 2017, Tuesday
-0.4 C to 6.6 C / 0.9 mm / 0.0 hours / E 2
A wet start to the day with persistent moderate rain but by midday things would become drier, albeit remaining dull and overcast for the remainder of daylight hours. Mostly cloudy in the evening and overnight with mist and murk forming during the night.

8th February 2017, Wednesday
3.0 C to 4.0 C / 1.1 mm / 0.0 hours / E 2-3
A dull and raw day with little to commend it, the easterly breeze bringing progressively lower temperatures as the day wore on. Indeed the outbreaks of rain which arrived in mid-morning would become wintry as the day wore on with showers of ice pellets in the afternoon. Overcast and raw overnight.

9th February 2017, Thursday
1.2 C to 2.9 C / 1.9 mm / 0.0 hours / E 3
A cold, dull and wintry day with light snow pellets and snow grains in the air pretty much throughout, typical February weather. Further wintry showers in the evening and overnight, some of which were a bit heavier at times, but otherwise cold and overcast.

10th February 2017, Friday
0.5 C to 3.2 C / 6.7 mm / 0.2 hours / NE 4
A cold morning with outbreaks of snow pellets and occasional wet snow, the snow heavy enough to produce the odd slushy dusting from time to time. Becoming drier for a time during the middle of the day, indeed the odd short break would even allow some sunny spells, but this wouldn’t last long with further showers of sleet, pellets and wet snow during the evening and overnight. Raw.

11th February 2017, Saturday
0.6 C to 4.1 C / 6.6 mm / 0.0 hours / NE 4-5
A thoroughly wet and raw late winter’s day with intermittent spells of sleet, pellets and rain throughout the morning, and again during the second half of the afternoon, evening and overnight. However it was somewhat drier for a time during the middle of the day. Cold again with a fresh NE breeze making it feel particularly raw out in the open.

12th February 2017, Sunday
1.8 C to 4.9 C / 3.6 mm / 0.0 hours / E 4-5
A thoroughly wet morning and early afternoon with spells of rain throughout, this making conditions particularly muddy and mucky after all the recent rain, sleet and wet snow. However by the end of the afternoon things would begin to dry up, but despite this the sky would remain grey and overcast throughout the rest of the day, evening and overnight. Feeling chilly, especially in the fresh ENE breeze.

13th February 2017, Monday
2.3 C to 7.0 C / 0.0 mm / 2.2 hours / E 4
A dull and raw start to the day with a fresh ENE breeze, but by late morning things would begin to brighten up with even some spells of sunshine developing by midday and into the first part of the afternoon. However this welcome sunshine wouldn’t last long with skies becoming cloudy and grey once more by mid-afternoon, and would remain so into the first half of the evening. Clear spells developing thereafter with temperatures eventually dipping low enough for a hoar frost by dawn.

14th February 2017, Tuesday
1.1 C to 8.3 C / 0.2 mm / 7.7 hours / SE 2-3
A largely clear and sunny Valentine’s Day with wall to wall sunshine in the morning and again in the second half of the afternoon. Feeling milder as well, especially with lighter winds. However in the evening cloud would quickly increase with skies becoming overcast overnight, this cloud thick enough to produce some light rain for a time. Becoming increasingly murky by dawn.

15th February 2017, Wednesday
4.9 C to 11.7 C / 7.0 mm / 0.5 hours / SW 2-3
A dull and overcast morning but becoming slowly brighter, at least for a time, in the early afternoon. Feeling mild as well, with temperatures up into double figures. Cloud increasing in the evening with a period of heavy rain (peak rate of 7.0 mm/h), though by midnight this rain would begin to clear away with some clearer spells developing in the second half of the night.

16th February 2017, Thursday
4.1 C to 9.8 C / 0.3 mm / 3.5 hours / W 4
A largely fine day with some good spells of sunshine, though the odd brief shower would drift over from the west from time to time. Feeling chilly as well, especially in the moderate westerly breeze. Cloud increasing in the evening with cloudy skies for the remainder of the night.

17th February 2017, Friday
5.0 C to 11.6 C / trace / 6.2 hours / S 2-3
A cloudy and misty start to the day but soon brightening up with good spells of sunshine for the remainder of the morning and much of the afternoon, the sun feeling quite warm and indeed spring-like. However in mid-afternoon cloud would increase with the subsequent evening and night remaining cloudy, the cloud thick enough to produce the odd spot of rain at times.

18th February 2017, Saturday
5.6 C to 10.4 C / 0.0 mm / 0.1 hours / S 3-4
A mostly cloudy and grey day, especially compared to yesterday, though it was relatively mild again, at least for the time of year. Mostly cloudy overnight but becoming clearer later.

19th February 2017, Sunday
5.7 C to 12.0 C / trace / 7.0 hours / W 4-5
A beautiful spring-like morning with an abundance of sunshine and temperatures climbing up to 12 C, but as the afternoon wore on cloud amounts would begin to increase with skies becoming cloudy by the end of the day. Remaining cloudy overnight.

20th February 2017, Monday
8.1 C to 14.3 C / 0.0 mm / 1.7 hours / W 5-6
A mostly cloudy but bright day with the occasional sunny spell, though the most noticeable feature of the weather was the unseasonable warmth, the temperature climbing up to 14.3 C by midday. Becoming very windy for a time in the afternoon, the wind gusting up to 42 knots at one point, but the wind would ease by the evening, skies also clearning for a time. Variable amounts of cloud overnight though skies would become mostly clear again by dawn.

21st February 2017, Tuesday
5.9 C to 12.6 C / 0.9 mm / 3.8 hours / W 4-5 (6-7)
A sunny and bright morning, mild once again, but as the morning progressed the sunshine would become increasingly hazy as high cloud moved in from the west, skies becoming cloudy and grey by the afternoon. The cloud would be thick enough to produce some rain for a time in mid to late afternoon, and again in the evening, but overnight the main feature of the weather would be the strong wind which buffeted the homestead, the wind gusting up to 42 knots for a time.

22nd February 2017, Wednesday
6.8 C to 11.0 C / 8.0 mm / 6.4 hours / W 5
A bright and breezy day for the most part, though it did become somewhat cloudier for a time during the middle of the day. Cloud increasing in the evening with a period of rain after midnight, this becoming persistent and quite heavy at times. The rain was also accompanied by a fresh to strong wind at times with many gusts in excess of gale force.

23rd February 2017, Thursday
5.7 C to 8.8 C / 4.0 mm / 1.1 hours / W 6
A windy day with a mixture of rain, showers and brighter spells, the wind gusting up to 42 knots at times in late morning and early afternoon. However compared to many parts of Britain this part of the country survived “Storm Doris” pretty much totally unscathed. A more persistent period of rain in the evening but overnght some breaks in the cloud would develop, the breeze also easing as the night wore on.

24th February 2017, Friday
2.7 C to 8.0 C / 3.6 mm / 3.4 hours / S 4
A much calmer day than yesterday with lighter winds and a mixture of sunny and cloudy spells, the sun feeling pleasantly warm when it did indeed shine forth. Clear spells going into the evening but outbreaks of rain would arrive later, this rain becoming quite heavy for a time latterly.

25th February 2017, Saturday
4.5 C to 10.6 C / 1.3 mm / 0.7 hours / S 4-5
A mostly dull and overcast morning, the cloud thick enough to produce some spots of rain at times, though in the afternoon things would brighten up somewhat with even some spells of sunshine latterly. However cloud would increase again during the evening with further intermittent rain overnight, though this would clear by dawn.

26th February 2017, Sunday
7.0 C to 11.7 C / 4.7 mm / 0.5 hours / S 4-5
A mostly cloudy and breezy day but not without some brighter periods from time to time, especially during the middle of the day. Cloud increasing and thickening by the end of the afternoon with a period of rain in the evening, this rather heavy for a time with a peak rate of 23.6 mm/h being recorded. However this rain would soon clear with some decent clear spells developing for a time overnight, but cloud would increase later with showers arriving by dawn.

27th February 2017, Monday
5.4 C to 9.0 C / 5.5 mm / 0.4 hours / SW 3
A showery day with frequent showers drifting in from the south-west, some of these showers being rather sharp (peak rate of 21.8 mm/h) with even some hail mixed in at times. However between the showers there were some brighter periods, including some sunshine, whilst temperatures were slightly above average for the time of year. Showers becoming lighter and more intermittent by the evening, and indeed eventually dying out overnight, clearing skies allowing temperatures to dip below freezing by dawn.

28th February 2017, Tuesday
-0.8 C to 7.2 C / 0.3 mm / 3.9 hours / W 3
A frosty start to the last day of the meteorological winter, widespread ice causing a few problems at first, but it would soon melt in the abundant morning sunshine. Becoming cloudier for a time around the middle of the day but sunny spells would return by mid-afternoon, skies remaining relatively clear into the evening. However around 9 pm a short spell of rain would drift in from the west, but this would soon clear with skies likewise becoming clearer after midnight, this allowing temperatures to dip low enough for a ground frost by dawn.