March 2017 Weather

1st March 2017, Wednesday
1.0 C to 8.3 C / 1.8 mm / 4.0 hours / SW 3-4
A bright start to the meterological spring with alternating sunny periods and cloudier spells, the sunshine feeling pleasant enough out of the breeze. A few showers would sweep through in the afternoon however, a few of which were quite heavy (5.0 mm/h), but these would die out again by the end of the afternoon. Clear spells in the evening and at first overnight, this allowing temperatures to dip low enough for a ground frost, but cloud would increase later with some outbreaks of rain arriving shortly before dawn.

2nd March 2017, Thursday
0.6 C to 9.2 C / 0.0 mm / 5.2 hours / W 4-5
After early rain cleared away, conditions would quickly brighten up with some good spells of sunshine developing during the remainder of the day. However a brisk breeze meant it felt quite cool, especially out in the open. Variable amounts of cloud in the evening and overnight.

3rd March 2017, Friday
3.4 C to 7.5 C / 7.9 mm / 0.0 hours / SE 3
A cloudy and dull day with outbreaks of persistent rain arriving in the afternoon, this rain continuing for the rest of the day and into the evening. The rain would become lighter and more patchy overnight with conditions becoming murky as low cloud descended, visibility becoming especially poor up on the Yorkshire Wolds.

4th March 2017, Saturday
5.2 C to 11.2 C / 0.0 mm / 3.3 hours / S 3
A grim and dreek start to the day with outbreaks of early rain and murk for much of the morning, visibility being particularly poor up on the Wolds, but things would quickly improve by midday with sunny spells developing in the afternoon, feeling pleasantly warm in the sunshine. A day very much of two halves. Clear spells in the evening and overnight but remaining frost-free.

5th March 2017, Sunday
3.9 C to 10.0 C / 4.0 mm / 3.1 hours / NW 4
A fine morning for the most part with some good spells of early spring sunshine, though cloud would increase as the morning wore on. Indeed by the afternoon outbreaks of rain would arrive from the SE with the rest of the day seeing further spells of rain, this rain continuing into the evening and the night, albeit becoming more intermittent and lighter. Clearing by midnight with even some breaks and clear spells developing latterly.

6th March 2017, Monday
2.9 C to 9.6 C / trace / 1.4 hours / W 3-4
A mostly cloudy morning, though not without some clearer and brighter spells, especially during mid-morning, though during the middle of the day conditions would become more generally cloudy, the cloud thick enough to produce the odd spot of rain from time to time. Becoming brighter again by mid-afternoon with some sunny spells for the rest of the day, though again cloud would increase in the evening, this bringing a short period of rain around 9 pm. Becoming dry thereafter with variable amounts of cloud for the rest of the night, temperatures dipping down to 2.7 C by dawn.

7th March 2017, Tuesday
2.7 C to
A beautiful spring-like morning with an abundance of sunshine.