May 2016 Weather

A largely quiet and uneventful month with no extremes or weather phenomena worthy of particular note, though overall it was warmer and drier than average month, the first calendar month to be so this year. In the end the month the concluded 0.8 C above the long term average, and indeed had it not been for a chilly last week, the month probably would have concluded over a degree above the 1981-2010 average. Unusually the warmest weather in the month came during the first fortnight, with temperatures passing 20 C on a couple of days, though the highest maximum was a modest 21.2 C.

LOWEST MAXIMUM : 11.4 C, 13th
HIGHEST MINIMUM : 11.2 C, 18th
LOWEST MINIMUM : -0.5 C, 1st

TOTAL RAINFALL : 33.7 mm   (73%)
MAXIMUM TOTAL : 10.7 mm, 25th
DAYS =>0.2 mm : 9
DAYS =>1.0 mm : 9
DAYS =>10.0 mm : 1

TOTAL SUNSHINE : 169.1 hours   (84%)
AVERAGE PER DAY : 5.45 hours

MAXIMUM GUST : 30 knots, 31st
DAYS =>34 knots : 0

N 9, NE 5, E 5, SE 1, S 1, SW 6, W 4, NW 0

MAXIMUM PRESSURE : 1025.9 hPa, 4th
LOWEST PRESSURE : 1001.0 hPa, 18th


May 2016 Logbook (click to enlarge)

1st May 2016, Sunday
-0.5 C to 13.9 C / trace / 1.8 hours / S 4
A sunny and chilly start to May with a light frost, but by mid-morning cloud would begin to rapidly invade from the SW accompanied by a freshening southerly breeze. However other than some light rain and drizzle in mid-afternoon it would remain dry, the cloud even beginning to break up a little for a time in the evening. Mostly cloudy overnight with temperatures remaining in double figures throughout the night.

2nd May 2016, Monday
6.6  to 15.9 C / 1.7 mm / 4.1 hours / W 4-5
A cloudy and mild morning with just the odd brighter spell from time to time, especially in mid-morning, but latterly the cloud would thicken with some outbreaks of rain in the first half of the afternoon. Dying out by 4 pm with skies quickly clearing, this leaving a pleasant and sunny end to the day, albeit somewhat chilly thanks to a brisk breeze. Remaining clear and breezy overnight, the breeze preventing a ground frost.

3rd May 2016, Tuesday
2.0 C to 14.5 C / 0.0 mm / 11.6 hours / W 4
A mostly fine day with plenty of sunshine and just the odd cloudier period, though a moderate to fresh WNW breeze did make it feel a little on the cool side, especially out in the open. Skies remaining clear in the evening and overnight with temperatures dipping low enough for a slight ground frost by dawn.

4th May 2016, Wednesday
2.1 C to 18.2 C / 0.0 mm / 13.5 hours / SW 3
A sunny and warm day with barely a cloud in the sky, especially in the afternoon. The strong sunshine would also see temperatures climb up to over 18 C, easily the warmest day so far this year. Remaining mostly clear overnight with temperatures not falling quite as low as recently.

5th May 2016, Thursday
5.8 C to 20.2 C / 0.0 mm / 11.1 hours / SE 2-3
Another sunny spring day with blue skies and strong sunshine bathing the countryside, the temperature reaching 20 C for the first time this year. Considering that this time last week we were having frosts and wintry showers it has certainly come as quite a shock. The sunshine would become hazier in the evening with the stars being veiled by a layer of thin cloud during the night.

6th May 2016, Friday
Hazy sunshine in the afternoon and feeling warm, though becoming cloudier later. Becoming overcast and murky overnight.

7th May 2016, Saturday
Murky and overcast though feeling muggy in the morning. Becoming fresher in the afternoon but remaining largely cloudy.

8th May 2016, Sunday
A misty start but soon brightening up with hazy sunshine throughout the rest of the morning. Sunny spells in the afternoon and feeling much warmer than yesterday.

9th May 2016, Monday
Sunny throughout and feeling very warm during the middle of the day.

10th May 2016, Tuesday
9.3 C to 15.1 C / 3.4 mm / 2.2 hours / NE 3-4
A warm and sunny start to the day but after mid-morning cloud would quickly increase from the south with outbreaks of rain arriving shortly before midday. Outbreaks of rain would continue into the afternoon and indeed into the evening, though it wasn’t wet throughout with some drier periods as well from time to time. Also feeling warm and muggy despite the rain. Rain dying out overnight though remaining cloudy and close throughout the night.

11th May 2016, Wednesday
9.5 C to 16.0 C / trace / 1.3 hours / N 3-4
A dull and muggy morning with some outbreaks of mostly light and drizzly rain, but things would improve somewhat in the afternoon with even some spells of sunshine managing to break through for a time. However cloud would increase again in the evening with mostly cloudy skies for the rest of the night. Mild again.

12th May 2016, Thursday
8.4 C to 17.6 C / 0.0 mm / 12.0 hours / NE 4-5
A sunny and warmish day with largely clear blue skies in the afternoon, though a fresh NE breeze did make it feel a little cooler than the thermometer otherwise suggested. Clear spells in the evening and overnight with the breeze remaining fresh.

13th May 2016, Friday
8.1 C to 11.4 C / trace / 1.6 hours / NE 4-5
A bright and blustery start to the day but cloud would soon increase with cloudy and grey skies for the rest of the day, the moderate to fresh NE breeze making it quite cold as temperatures struggled to just 11.4 C. In early evening the cloud would produce a short period of rain but this didn’t come to much with merely cloudy skies for the rest of the evening and the first half of the night. However after midnight some clearer spells would develop with the breeze also easing during the night.

14th May 2016, Saturday
A fine day with sunny spells in the morning and clear skies in the afternoon, the countryside of the beautiful Esk Valley being bathed in spring sunshine. However a brisk NE breeze did make it feel quite cool, especially in exposed locations. Cloud increasing overnight with overcast and grey skies by dawn.

15th May 2016, Sunday
A cloudy and grey start to the day, the onshore breeze making it feel quite cold at first, but by mid-morning things would quickly begin to brighten up with sunny spells by late morning. Remaining clement into the afternoon with plenty of long sunny spells, and with lighter winds than recently it would feel pleasantly warm, especially in any sheltered sun-traps. However in the evening cloud would increase again and it would remain largely cloudy overnight, though prior to dawn this cloud would begin to break up and clear.

16th May 2016, Monday
A beautiful morning with an abundance of warm sunshine, though in the afternoon increasing amounts of cloud would bubble up, indeed it would become quite cloudy for a time in late afternoon. However in the evening breaks would again develop with a fine end to the day with variable amounts of cloud overnight.

17th May 2016, Tuesday
A partly cloudy start and feeling much cooler than yesterday, but by 8 am the early cloud had cleared away to leave a mostly fine morning with plenty of warm sunshine to enjoy. However as the afternoon wore on the sunshine would become increasingly hazy and indeed by late afternoon it had become largely cloudy, the disc of the evening sun just about visible through the thickening cloud. Cloud continuing to thicken overnight with some outbreaks of rain latterly.

18th May 2016, Wednesday
11.2 C to 15.6 C / 1.4 mm / 0.0 hours / SW 2
A muggy but grey day with occasional outbreaks of rain, especially in mid-morning and again in late afternoon. However in the second half of the evening the cloud would begin to clear away with some clearer spells developing overnight. Also becoming fresher and less muggy feeling during the night.

19th May 2016, Thursday
5.5 C to 18.0 C / 3.0 mm / 1.0 hour / SW 2-3
A largely cloudy and grey morning, especially in mid-morning, though some brighter periods would break through in late morning and into the first half of the afternoon, this helping to push temperatures up into the high teens. However cloud would thicken in the second half of the afternoon with outbreaks of rain arriving in early evening, some of which were quite heavy. However the rain wouldn’t last long and would clear by dusk, this leaving a cloudy but mild night with temperatures falling no lower than 9.1 C.

20th May 2016, Friday
9.1 C to 18.7 C / 6.0 mm / 2.8 hours / SW 3-4
A largely cloudy morning, though latterly some brighter spells would develop. Indeed by midday and during the first half of the afternoon some good spells of sunshine were enjoyed, this helping to push temperatures up into the high teens, but cloud would soon increase again with a cloudy end to the day. By late evening this cloud would become thick enough to produce some rain, which though light at first, would become more persistent and heavier during the night.

21st May 2016, Saturday
10.9 C to 19.3 C / 3.9 mm / 1.6 hours / SW 4
A wet start with outbreaks of moderate rain, though this would soon clear away to leave a mostly cloudy and breezy morning. Becoming brighter for a time in the afternoon with some decent spells of warm late May sunshine, but this wouldn’t last long with showers developing in the second half of the afternoon. Indeed by the evening the showers turned into a longer spell of rain but by dusk this began to clear away to leave variable amounts of cloud for the rest of the night.

22nd May 2016, Sunday
A fine morning and early afternoon with plenty of sunny spells, though the warm and muggy conditions sparked some showers in the second half of the afternoon, some of which were quite heavy and prolonged. The showers or longer periods of rain would continue into the evening but by dusk would begin to clear away to leave a mostly clear night. Becoming chilly overnight as well with mist forming by dawn.

23rd May 2016, Monday
After a sunny but chilly start to the day, cloud would soon roll in off the nearby North Sea with the rest of the morning being cold and grey, the moors above the village being shrouded in low cloud. However around midday it would begin to quickly brighten up with a fine afternoon following, indeed by late afternoon and the evening it had become mostly clear. However the northerly breeze did make it feel quite cool, especially up on the moors. Remaining mostly clear overnight.

24th May 2016, Tuesday
3.5 C to 16.3 C / 0.0 mm / 6.4 hours / NE 4
A fine morning after a chilly start with plenty of sunshine to enjoy, though a moderate north-easterly did make it feel quite cool. Becoming cloudier by midday and becoming generally cloudy for the remainder of the afternoon and into the evening, the breeze if anything freshening a little in the evening. Cloudy overnight with the moderate to fresh NE breeze persisting throughout.

25th May 2016, Wednesday
7.8 C to 11.6 C / 10.7 mm / 0.0 hours / N 4
A grey and cold start to the day with rain moving in during the second half of the morning, this rain becoming steady and persistent for the remainder of the day with some moderate to heavy spells at times, especially around midday. Becoming lighter and patchier by the evening and indeed by dusk it did become drier, at least for a time, but further outbreaks of rain &/or drizzle would return overnight.

26th May 2016, Thursday
8.0 C to 15.0 C / trace / 0.0 hours / E 1-2
A dull and grey sort of day with some drizzle and rain in the morning, especially early on, and whilst it would become drier in the afternoon it would nevertheless remain overcast and cloudy throughout daylight hours. However despite the cloud it did feel much milder than yesterday! Remaining mostly cloudy overnight.

27th May 2016, Friday
9.1 C to 14.9 C / trace / 0.9 hours / E 2-3
A cloudy morning with some drizzle at times, especially in mid-morning, but going into the afternoon things would begin to brighten up somewhat with even the odd sunny spell managing to break through by mid-afternoon. However it would remain on the cloudy side for the rest of the day with just the odd break from time to time, though after dusk and during much of the night some longer clearer spells would develop, this allowing temperatures to dip lower than recently.

28th May 2016, Saturday
5.9 C to 14.3 C / 0.0 mm / 3.3 hours / N 2-3
A cloudy day for the most part, especially in the morning, though in the second half of the afternoon some breaks would develop with some good spells of sunshine developing by the evening. However cloud would increase again by dusk with largely cloudy skies for the remainder of the night. Cool for late May.

29th May 2016, Sunday
A largely cloudy day, though in the second half of the afternoon it would brighten up for a time with even some short spells of much welcome May sunshine. However it wouldn’t last with cloud soon returning in the evening, this cloud thickening and lowering overnight with drizzle and murk by the morning.

30th May 2016, Monday
An overcast and murky morning with periods of drizzle, the tops of the hills enveloped by low cloud as cold and moist air came in off the nearby North Sea. Becoming somewhat brighter in the afternoon, especially in late afternoon and at first in the evening, but cloud would begin to return around dusk with a cloudy & increasingly windy night following. Cold for the time of year, especially in the northerly breeze.

31st May 2016, Tuesday
A windy and overcast morning with spits of rain in the air, feeling cold once more thanks to the aforementioned strong breeze. In the afternoon heavier and more persistent rain would arrive, the hills around the village once more disappearing into the cloud, and all in all it was a pretty disappointing end to May with temperatures rising no higher than 11 C. Becoming drier in the evening but remaining overcast with further occasional light rain and drizzle overnight.