Nature Notebooks

The following page provides links to my nature notebooks since the beginning of 2016, a place where I can keep a diary of all the natural occurrences I consider worthy of recording during my day-to-day life. These notes are largely for my own personal use and reference but please feel free to have a read if you wish. If you wish to see my older notebooks (dating back to 2006) please feel free to browse our old blog.

MARCH 2017 Parkland Little Egret, Blossom, Fieldfare build-up, First Clouded Drab (5th), singing Yellowhammers, first butterflies, more and more moths, bees and other invertebrates, a very early Pale Mottled Willow, another new leafhopper (Metidiocerus rutilans), a number of new moths for the garden, another spring Pale Pinion
FEBRUARY 2017 Winter Blackcap, Early diptera & hoverflies, Swinemoor, Bempton Cliffs, North Cliffe Wood, River Hull, First bumblebee, Early spring flowers, North Cliffe Wood (including first Honey Bees & Dog’s Mercury), First Frog
JANUARY 2017 New Year flower hunt, Garden birds, Yorkshire Wolds, First moths of the year, North York Moors, Winter Aconites, Leafhopper (Acericerus heydenii ), North Cliffe Wood in late January, RSPB Garden Bird Survey
DECEMBER 2016 Yorkshire Wolds, North York Moors, RAVEN at Woldgarth, Mediterranean Beetle (Oxycarenus lavaterae) discovered in raspberries, Swinemoor, Winter fungi at North Cliffe Wood
NOVEMBER 2016 Fabulous fungi at North Cliffe Wood, WAXWINGS at Pickering, Brambling in the garden, Swinemoor, Whooper Swan at North Cave Wetlands, North York Moors
OCTOBER 2016 Grosmont, Darnholm, First Redwings, Late Mothing, Woodcock in the garden, First Fieldfares, Stonechats at Horse Dale, Whooper Swans & Pink-footed Geese over Woldgarth, Newts, Autumn colours at Water Ark
SEPTEMBER 2016 Patch birding (including Whinchat), Yorkshire Wolds, Mothing (including an Old Lady & others), Fungi (including Parasitic Bolete) and late summer wildlife at North Cliffe, Net-winged Beetle at Grosmont
AUGUST 2016 Patch birding (including Whinchat, Spotted Flycatcher and Wagtails), Moths (including Vine’s Rustic & Vapourer), Butterflies, Lesser Stag Beetle at Woldgarth, Invertebrates, SPOTTED CRAKE at North Cave
JULY 2016 Tranmire flowers, More garden beetles, More hymenoptera, Moths, Strawberry Seed Beetle, a wander around Stape and Cropton Forest Lodge, Dragonflies and butterflies at North Cliffe Wood
JUNE 2016 Beetles, spiders and other invertebrates at Woldgarth, Diamond-back Moth invasion, Grosmont nature, Painted Ladies arrive, Ground Beetle trapping, Fledglings, North Cave Wetlands (including hybrid Scaup & Golden-bloomed Longhorn), Moth season finally gets going
MAY 2016 Yorkshire Wolds (Redstarts), Mullein at Woldgarth + other moths, Beetles, spiders and bugs at Woldgarth, Swinemoor, First Swifts, North Cave Wetlands, Bempton Cliffs, Grosmont moths and invertebrates, Whinchats and Adders at Fen Bog, DOTTEREL at Danby, Chats & Starts at Moorgates, Grosmont spring, Early Purple Orchids at Egton, Tree Pipit at Moorgates, North Cave Wetlands, False-blister beetle at Grosmont, Round-leaved Sundews at Tranmire Bog
APRIL 2016 Spring in the garden (bees, butterflies etc), HAWFINCH in the garden, more Moths, Water Vole at Keldmarsh, Grosmont spring, First Wheatears, North Cave Wetlands, North Cliffe Wood, Rosedale & Farndale in spring, Redstarts, Ring Ouzels at Moorgates, Moorland wanderings
MARCH 2016 Garden birds, more spring flowers, Swinemoor, North Cave Wetlands, Early spring at Grosmont, First mothing, North Cliffe Wood, Mallyan Spout, The Two Howes & Simon Howe, Grosmont Moths
FEBRUARY 2016 Spring flowers in the garden, Garden birds, Swinemoor, First moth of the year, Lesser Redpoll at Woldgarth, Siskins, Nunburnholme Red Kites, North Cliffe Wood
JANUARY 2016 North York Moors & Yorkshire Wolds snow, North Cave Wetlands, North Cliffe Wood, RSPB Garden Bird Count, Goosander at Kilnwick Percy, Garden birds